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In 2016, Pace Energy and Climate Center was all REVved up, and more!

The Center staff and many allies are deeply involved in the business of electric utility

transformation. We live and work in a remarkable time. Decades of steady, thoughtful

leadership on clean energy issues is now bearing fruit. Clean energy is not just the right

thing to do, it is increasingly recognized as the right choice economically, technically, and

for all members of society. Our work, especially in 2016, has been about making sure that

we seize the moment and secure the benefits of clean energy use for all communities in

New York, the Northeast U.S., across the country, and throughout the world.

Never has it been more important that we succeed in our work. The challenges of

climate change, the changing path of policy, and the moral imperative of building a clean

energy foundation for future generations drive us every day. While we don’t work

actively in Washington, D.C., changes there threaten our work. The Center focuses on

waging a strong offense at the state and community level, and on effectively

communicating the benefits of clean energy development and policy.

In 2016, we answered the call for clear-eyed policy leadership in the many New York

Public Service Commission’s (“NY PSC”) Reforming the Energy Vision (“REV”) initiative

proceedings under way. Our work multiplied as the Commission transitioned from vision

to implementation and execution, and so did our impact.

See the Appendix for the active NY PSC proceedings in which the Center is engaged!

The Center continued its regional leadership as a champion of super-efficient

combined heat and power, strong solar energy market policy, and interstate cooperation

to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We expand the reach of our ideas and support

through formal regulatory interventions, thought leadership, and good old-fashioned

research and writing.

The Pace Energy and Climate Center continues to operate as a small, agile,

interdisciplinary team of talented and committed individuals, and continues to benefit

from the support of the best law student interns anywhere. Our network of collaborators

at other organizations has grown over the year, as has our reputation in the media.

As always, the Center succeeds because of the support it receives from funders, the

Elisabeth Haub School of Law, and Pace University. These people and institutions, too

many to name, make our work possible. We are deeply grateful.

The Pace Energy and Climate Center Team