Center 2016 Report

The Pace Energy and Climate Center was all REVved up, and more in 2016. Please read our 2016 Report in Full or Executive Summary format!


Our Approach

The Pace Energy and Climate Center turns ideas into action. We believe thoughtful, principled engagement of government and key stakeholders leads to better public policy. Our effectiveness stems from the way we engage in regulatory processes, like rate cases and policy proceedings; in work on the ground to advise and guide clean energy project developers; and in helping communities develop strategies to prosper and grow. We intervene, collaborate, advise, and provide honest and data-based assessments. Our team conducts research and analysis on legal, regulatory, and policy matters because thorough, objective analyses are essential to finding solutions to today’s complex energy and climate change challenges. Pace brings decision makers and stakeholders together because achieving results often entails learning together and finding common ground. We are lawyers, economists, scientists and energy analysts, committed to achieving real-world progress in advancing clean energy and climate-responsible results. We believe in and work for clean energy for every community, today and tomorrow.